The Birds and the Breeze

Ross Henry


Ross Henry is a maker of Dynamic / immersive / exploratory / experimental electronica pop. Noise that ripples with it’s own pulse adorned by a myriad of velvety sonic jewels, bending, emerging and dissipating across fluctuating landscapes.

Based in the inner west of Sydney, Ross takes his time developing each track to have a sonic fingerprint of it’s own. Now with a handful of carefully crafted gifts ready for the world, Ross is set to release a string of singles in support of his upcoming EP over the coming months.

Having received support from Triple J, Beats 1, Fbi radio and hit Spotify's Global 50 most viral chart, Ross is certainly carving out a solid reputation for his craft.

Keep your ears tuned to his latest and greatest via itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Pandora, most places.


" **** A track which stands out from the pack for me at the moment. Lots of great space, and that hook draws you right in." Richard Kingsmill Triple J

 "Ross Henry’s brand of electro is as subtle as it is heavy hitting, effortlessly playing with expectations and creating a satisfying ride."
The Wild Honey Pie (USA)

 “Quickly garnering a reputation for his beats, the Sydney producer's new offering takes on experimental electronica-pop while showcasing his incredible vocals” The Music (AUS)

“The richly layered single combines Henry’s soft vocals with ambient instrumentation to wonderful results. Next time you need a little escape from everyday life, put this one on and tune out.”
Sunset in the Rearview (USA)  

"Sydney has a beautiful history of this kind of textured, left-field electronica and, whether he knows it or not, Ross Henry is carrying on that tradition and doing a great job at it." - Dom Alessio (Triple J)




I sometimes play/organize intimate events in fun places not always posted here. If you'd like to come, join my mailing list and I'll keep you in the loop. I'll also shoot you free unreleased tunes. 



I'm in the studio polishing off some fresh tracks. Be right back...





Recent noise... 


The Deep - SIngle     

The Forester's House - single

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Sparse yet intricate, Ross weaves together a pallet of sounds that create a slow, intimate listening experience. The poetic lyrics are inspired by the letters of WW1 poet Wilfred Owen, penned during his time at the front. And yet, from such a somber subject comes a warmth; Ross takes us to the smokey candlelit cellar of the forester’s house and beyond.


These Moments - Antoine Dufour Reworked


The weather in Sydney has been pretty crazy recently. We found ourselves taking cover inside the Vic Hotel surrounded by leaking lights and cheering crowds. We even came home to find a large tree had buckled under the wind, ripped down the backstreet power lines and crushed our small tin shed. I also made a snow man out of hail, he now lives on in our freezer.

Amongst all of this we sat in the kitchen illuminated by a few candles (no power) and had a few drinks. It was at this point that my mate Ned put on a track called “these Moments” by Antoine Dufour. I thought it as a great tune. I also thought it would make a great electronic track. So interestingly enough I kind of gave it a whole new meaning, I made a cover steeped in Sydney rain.

Original Track:

Pauvre Jesus-Christ (Ross Henry Remix)


Made a remix of the increadibly infectious tune "Pauvre Jesus-Christ" by Henri salvador.

Step 1: Press play
Step 2: Recline
Step 3: Ease yourself into the weekend like it's a warm jazzy french bath ohhhhh yeah.
Repeat when necessary.